On 21st of January 2020, Luxinnovation has held a remarkable event „Health Technologies @ Luxembourg 2020“ focused on new medical technologies developed by Luxembourg enterprises.

Ministry of the Economy and Luxinnovation’s market intelligence department, has just released an update of its mapping of health technologies in Luxembourg. The mapping shows that 44% of companies in the sector work with diagnostic and medical devices, 29% with bio-pharma and 27% with other technologies.

“With 50% of its 136 companies created less than 10 years ago and 80% of its workforce active in companies of less than 10 employees, the health tech sector in Luxembourg is a young sector still in its infancy,” commented Minister Schneider. “The joint efforts of the HealthTech Cluster manager at Luxinnovation and my team at the Ministry of the Economy have allowed creating more cohesion among the different players of the sector.”

Ai Mediq would like to thank Luxembourg HealthTech Cluster team and Jean-Phillippe personally for the very interesting and professional event combining the presentation of medical business projects in one exciting story, which created a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Being an active member, Ai Mediq,  has also participated in this event and conducted a number of working meetings with a current and potential collaborators.