• Improvement of physical exercise capacity in patients with Coronary Artery Disease NYHA 2-3
  • Chronic Heart Failure (in research)
Physiological effects:
  • Improves the microcirculation [Belyavskiy et al., Bobyleva et al., Ischuk et al., Townsend et al.]
  • Reduces endothelial dysfunction [Chiu et al. , Elchaninova et al., Haider et al., Manukhina et al.]
  • Decreases the blood pressure [Ainslie et al. , Bailey et al. , Elchaninova et al., Lyamina et al. , Manukhina et al., Shatilo et al.]
  • Increases myocardium and brain resistance to acute ischaemia (precondition-like effect) [Bulgak et al., Zhua et al.]
  • Reduction in the negative consequences of systemic oxidative stress [Arkhipenko et al., Borukaeva et al., Elchaninova et al.]
Clinical Effects:
  • Increases time to fatigue
  • Increases physical endurance
  • Increases VO2 peak
  • Increases %VO2 max
  • Increases Anaerobic threshold
  • Lowers incidence of angina as a reason to stop treadmill run
  • Lowers incidence of ST depression as a reason to stop treadmill run
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